Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Homeschooling Series: Introduction

This post will be the first in a series on homeschooling. I am by no means an expert, and I feel like I am learning as I go - but I do get asked different questions about it often. I am just sharing here what I have learned since we began our homeschool journey.

First, a little about how we became a homeschool family. I'm not one who has always known I would homeschool my children. I When my husband and I had our first daughter in 2004, we never really talked about school choices for our family, we just figured we would send her to the local public school, or if that wasn't an option, we'd send her to the local Christian school. We weren't opposed to homeschooling, it just wasn't something we considered. The shift for me, started after she turned 5, and we had to start thinking about kindergarten registration. Around that same time, homeschooling kept popping up on my radar.. I began to see internet articles on it, books on it, I was crossing paths with people who were currently homeschooling, had homeschooled their children, or were, like me, thinking about it... the conversation was started in our home and seeds were planted in my heart. We began to think and pray about it, and felt God was leading us to homeschool.

That was 5 years ago.

We now have a 4th grader, 1st grader, and a three year old tag-a-long who sometimes learns with us at the table, but mostly just has fun being, well, three. Do we have hard days? You better believe it! (any public, private, or home educator will tell you that) Do we have awesome days? You better believe it! (any of the above educators will tell you that, too!) I often find I am learning as much as the kids in some areas, and they are certainly teaching me as much as I am teaching them.

For our curriculum, we have had great success using My Father's World. It is a solid, Bible based, curriculum, and we love it. We have used their Kindergarten (twice), 1st Grade (twice), Adventures, and now this year, Exploring Countries and Cultures.

Are there any questions you'd like answered or discussed in this series? If so, leave a comment! I hope to make this a weekly, or twice monthly post, so check back often!

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